Welcome to 6th Grade!

Ms. Sullivan’s Homeroom
Weekly Homework

Welcome to all incoming 6th graders for the 2018-2019 school year!  Please find the summer reading list posted below.  I look forward to meeting you in September!

Grade Six Summer Reading List

Fiction (choose at least one)
Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

Petey by Ben Mikaelsen
City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau
Book of Time by Guillaume Prevost
Murder at Midnight by Avi
Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen
Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
Holes by Louis Sachar
The View from Saturday by E. L. Konigsburg
Bat 6 by Virginia Euwer Wolff
Fish in a Tree by Linda Mullaly Hunt

Non-­‐Fiction (choose at least one)
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba
Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World by Jennifer Armstrong
Bomb: The Race to Build–and Steal–the World’s Most Powerful Weapon by Steve Sheinkin
Heroes of the Environment by Harriet Rohmer
Ancient Inca by Michael Burgan
No Summit Out of Sight: The True Story of the Youngest Person to Climb the Seven Summits by Jordan Romero
I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban (Young Reader’s Edition) by Malala Yousafzai/Christine Lamb
Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson


Monday, June 4th
Social Studies:  Monologue and poster due Wednesday
Science:  Animal adaptation poster due tomorrow
Spanish:  Remember items for party on Wednesday
Other:  Last day to donate to charity water tomorrow

Tuesday, June 5th
Social Studies:  Bring props and (optional) costumes for living wax museum tomorrow

Wednesday, June 6th
Cleaning day tomorrow!  Please bring shopping bags for your things and wear “cleaning” free dress (clothes than can get a little dirty).

Thursday, June 7th
Dress uniform tomorrow!

Friday, June 1st
Literature:  Finish chapter questions for The Giver by Monday
Social Studies:  Work on poster or monologue (15-20 minutes)
Other:  Change ($.50) for charity water, flashlight and battery drive

Current Class Work

Book Talks
Book talks are a way for students to choose a book within a genre and share it with the class.  Students will prepare a 2-4 minute oral presentation on the book, including a short plot summary, character explanation, and recommendation, with evidence from the book!  In addition, 6th graders will create a visual presentation from one of the many book talk menu choices.  This is an opportunity for students to show great effort and creativity, and to practice speaking in front of a group!

The 3rd trimester genre is classics.  Use the following link for ideas.    Book talks will take place on the following days: May 4th, 10th, 11th, 24th, 25th, and June 1st.  Please refer to the schedule under the Book Talk Info tab.

Lesson 9 Vocabulary
ecology – the study of the interactions of living organisms with one another and with their environment
biotic – describes the living factors in the environment
abiotic – describes the nonliving part of the environment
herbivore – an organism that eats only plants
carnivore – an organism that eats animals
omnivore – an organism that eats both plants and animals
prey – an organism that is killed and eaten by another organism
predator – an organism that eats all or part of another organism
symbiosis – a relationship in which two different organisms live in close association with one another
mutualism – a relationship between two species in which both species benefit
commensalism – a relationship between two organisms in which one organism benefits and the other is unaffected
parasitism – a relationship between two species in which one species benefits, and the other is harmed
coevolution – the evolution of two species that is due to mutual influence

Test:  Monday, May 14th


College Business Letter

L.O. I will compose a professional business letter expressing my interest in a college or university.
S.L.E. Articulate ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively

Please be sure to include all 6 parts of a business letter.
*Inside Address

Due:  Thursday, April 19th


Compare/Contrast Essay
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry & Remember the Titans

L.O. I will compose a compare/contrast essay based on the characteristics and events of the book, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and the movie, Remember the Titans.
S.L.E. Articulate ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively

*A thoughtful introduction that presents the overall themes of the book and movie.
*Several comparisons between both stories
*Several differences between the two stories
*Detail and explanation given for each comparison and difference
*A conclusion that summarizes and explains why this book and movie are important for people to read and watch

Essay should be 3-4 paragraphs in length.
Essay should follow the “no excuses” list.

Due: Friday, April 20th, 2018


Living Wax Museum

L.O. I will research a famous Greek, compose an informational paper, and create a characterization of this person to be included in the class’s living wax museum.
S.L.E. Articulate ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively


1) 1-page research paper—This is to be researched and written by YOU. The purpose is so you will understand your person more fully. Then, you will be able to better portray your character. (Additionally, please include a works cited page.) Follow the “no excuses” guidelines.

2) Poster to be displayed beside you in the museum—This is to be neat, colorful, and creative. It is to contain the following things:

  • *name of famous person
  • *picture of the famous person or a symbol that represents them
  • *dates person lived (if applicable)
  • *what the person is famous for

3) Prop – This can be something made from recyclables or items found at your home. It should represent your character and the time period in which they lived.

Optional: A costume you can wear to become this person—This does not mean that you have to look like the person’s twin. You must have a costume that is representative of the person and easily recognizable as something the person might wear.

4) A pose—This will be your position in the wax museum. It should represent your character, should be comfortable to you, and can include your prop.

5) A one-minute monologue—This is to be something that is spoken by you as that person. You must attempt to sound as that person would sound—accents, slang/jargon, tone of voice, inflection changes, etc. The monologue can be something the person actually said or something that you create for them to say. It must, however, be relevant and appropriate and represent your person well. You will turn a written copy into me for a grade. This must be memorized.

You will be assigned a spot. You will be required to “strike a pose”/freeze and be that person for the wax museum. Other classes will be invited to come visit our wax museum. Our wax museum will be unique because our wax figures (you) will move and speak. You will perform your monologue and movements when touched on the shoulder. When finished, you will return to your original pose. Preparation is the key to your success.

Research paper due: Thursday, May 24th
Wax Museum: (tentatively) Wednesday, May 30th


The Giver

We are currently reading:  Chapter 19

Literature Notes


Executive Functioning Lessons

1) Materials management

2) Time management

3) How to use detail in your homework planner

4) How to use the CUCC method (circle, underline, count, complete) when you receive a project or assignment