Welcome to 6th Grade!

Ms. Sullivan’s Homeroom

Welcome back!  I hope you all had a fun and restful spring break. Please take some time to organize and restock your school supplies, both in your backpack and in your work space at home.

Weekly Homework

Monday, April 12th
ELA:  Work on your college letter draft (20 minutes)
Science:  Complete the edpuzzles on carbon

Tuesday, April 13th
ELA:  Finish your college letter draft
Math:  Turn in classwork
Science:  Turn in your notes
Other:  Bring back your Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry book to school

Wednesday, April 14th
ELA:  Proofread your college letter, sign up for an editing time with Ms. Sullivan using the sign-up genius posted on Teams
Math:  Finish quiz
Science:  Finish nitrogen notes

Thursday, April 15th
ELA:  College business letter is due tomorrow
Science:  Turn in your notes

Friday, April 2nd
Check Power School for missing assignments.
Have a wonderful spring break!


All live classes, assignments, and posts will be done through Microsoft Teams.  We’ll start each day at 8:45 with Homeroom.  Then we’ll follow the schedule your received at the meet & greet.  A copy of the schedule can be found under the schedule tab to the left.


I ask that all 6th graders are on time for class (logging in 2 minutes early), ready with their screens on.  Your learning space should be free from distractions, and it may be helpful to have headphones.


Keep scrolling to find assignment descriptions, study guides, and due dates.

Class Work

Achieve 3000 Articles for the week of March 1st

1) Class article:  The Almost Erased Pharaoh  Please complete the article and activity.  Due Wednesday, March 3rd.

You need to score above 75% and take the time to write a detailed paragraph for the thought question, to earn full credit.

2) Free choice article – tba.

Lesson 4 Vocabulary

bias:  n. a position that favors one opinion, group, or set of beliefs over another
cite:  v. to give credit to a source of information
distribute:  v. to spread or scatter over an area
environment:  n. the natural world
improvise:  v. to make up as one goes along, to create in the moment
involve:  v. to include as a part
negative:  adj. disagreeable, unhappy, harmful, or bad
predict:  v. to say what is going to happen in the future, often using observation or experience
ratio:  n. a comparison or relationship between two numbers or quantities
significant:  adj. important or having influence, having special meaning
text:  n. written words; a piece of writing
transmit:  v. to pass something, such as a signal, from one person, place or thing to another

Test:  Thursday, March 25th


Book Talks
Book talks are a way for students to choose a book within a genre and share it with the class.  Students will prepare a 3-5 minute oral presentation on the book, including a short plot summary, character explanation, and recommendation, with evidence from the book!  In addition, 6th graders will create a visual presentation from one of the many book talk menu choices and compose a short writing piece.  This is an opportunity for students to show great effort and creativity, and to practice speaking in front of a group!

The 3rd trimester project is open to any genre.  Please refer to the schedule under the Book Talk Info tab.

Social Studies


Literature Reading

We are currently reading:  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
We are on chapter: 6

Language Arts


Executive Functioning Lessons

1) Materials management

2) Time management

3) How to use detail in your homework planner

4) How to use the CUCC method (circle, underline, count, complete) when you receive a project or assignment