Welcome to 6th Grade!

Ms. Sullivan’s Homeroom
Weekly Homework

Hello Parents!  We will be having a Camp Hamilton information meeting on Wednesday, March 13th.  The camp director will be giving a short presentation about the program, and will be available to answer your questions.  Please join us at 7:00 p.m. in my classroom, room 20.

Monday, March 25th
Social Studies:  Finish labeling map of Greece (see list of locations below)
Language Arts:  Finish lesson 8 context sentences, study vocabulary (10-15 min.)
Science:  Finish graphing paper
Math:  Page 238 #1-8, 12-14 all, tell parents about test on 4/2
Literature:  Finish Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry chapter 9

Tuesday, March 19th
Language Arts:  Finish argumentative writing prompt by Friday
Literature:  Find a classic book
Math:  Percent worksheet, decention game (20-25 minutes)
Social Studies:  Study for small quiz on state abbreviations and capitals, map due Friday

Wednesday, March 20th
Language Arts:  Finish examples & illustrations sheet, writing prompt due Friday
Social Studies:  Map due Friday
Science:  Page 17-20, answer questions on loose leaf
Spanish:  Study for quiz
Literature:  Find a classic book, finish chapter 8 in Roll of Thunder by tomorrow

Thursday, March 21st
Literature:  Find a classic book for 3rd trimester (recommendations, more recommendations)
Math:  Page 229 #1-57 odd (25 minutes)
Social Studies:  Map project due tomorrow
Language Arts:  Workbook page 97, finish argumentative writing prompt
Spanish:  Study for vocab quiz tomorrow
Science:  Graph sheet, study for quiz tomorrow, Carkeek Park field trip form

Friday, March 22nd
Language Arts:  Finish subject & predicate worksheet (both sides)
Science:  Carkeek Park field trip permission form
Math:  Finish meal poster
Other:  Return one copy of your report card signed by a parent, and the envelope

Current Class Work

Book Talks
Book talks are a way for students to choose a book within a genre and share it with the class.  Students will prepare a 2-4 minute oral presentation on the book, including a short plot summary, character explanation, and recommendation, with evidence from the book!  In addition, 6th graders will create a visual presentation from one of the many book talk menu choices.  This is an opportunity for students to show great effort and creativity, and to practice speaking in front of a group!

The 2nd trimester genre is nonfiction.  Use the following link for ideas (nonfiction books).    Book talks will take place on the following days: February 8th, February 14th, February 22nd, March 1st, and March 8th .  Please refer to the schedule under the Book Talk Info tab.

Lesson 8 Vocabulary
complex: adj.  having many different parts; difficult to achieve or understand
controversy: n.  a disagreement over an idea or issue
derive: v.  to make or form from something else
explicit: adj.  clear, direct, and specific as to leave no doubt about the meaning
guarantee: v.  to promise or ensure
initial: adj.  being or happening at the beginning
minimum: adj.  the least quantity or amount possible
precede: v.  to go or come before something
predominant: adj.  most common or frequent
scenario: n.  a possible situation or sequence of events
ultimate: adj.  the best or greatest
version: n.  a form of something that is different from the original

Test:  Wednesday, March 27th

Map Making Mini-Project

Country Project
L.O.  I will create a new country represented by a map.
S.L.E.  Articulate ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively

1) Name of country
Be creative!

2) Map
Include the following items on your map:  scale, compass rose, cities, including a capital city, and a key.  You also need to have at least two geographical features, and two different bodies of water.

3) Flag
Include a coat of arms, logo, or other symbol for your new country.

*Map of country exhibiting the country’s name and the map components listed in #2
*Country flag represented on the map or a separate piece of paper.
*Neat and organized presentation
*Correct grammar and spelling

Due Friday, March 22nd, 2019


Map of Ancient Greece

Please label the following locations on your blank map of Ancient Greece

Bodies of water:  Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Crete
Countries:  Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria
City States:  Thebes, Sparta, Athens, Delphi, Knossos
Landforms:  Mt. Olympus, Crete, Rhodes

Due:  Tuesday, March 25th

Information about Camp Hamilton

Dates:  Wednesday, May 15th — Friday, May 17th

Lesson 3 Quiz:  The Egyptian Empire
Study Guide

Ramses II

Main Ideas

  • Old Kingdom: What was this era nicknamed?  Why?  Where were the Pharaohs of this time buried?
  • Middle Kingdom: What was this era nicknamed?  Why?  Where were the Pharaohs of this time mostly buried?
  • Why were the arts able to prosper during the Middle Kingdom?
  • New Kingdom: What was this era nicknamed?  Why?  Where were the Pharaohs of this time buried?
  • What did the Egyptians trade during the New Kingdom? What did they receive in return?
  • How did Egypt expand its boarders and gain rule over other nations during the New Kingdom?
  • What happened to the Egyptian empire after the rule of Ramses II?
  • Which nations took control of Egypt starting in the 900’s B.C.?
  • How were they in control with a Pharaoh still on the throne?

Quiz:  Thursday, February 28th

Literature Notes

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
We are currently reading:  Chapter 8

Executive Functioning Lessons

1) Materials management

2) Time management

3) How to use detail in your homework planner

4) How to use the CUCC method (circle, underline, count, complete) when you receive a project or assignment