3rd Trimester Book Talk Info

Genre:  Classic / Any Genre

3rd Trimester Book Talk Schedule

Your preparation for book talks this trimester will be the same as your other two book talks.  The only difference is that you’ll be presenting over video on Microsoft Teams.  Most presentations will be on Wednesday/Thursday so that Friday can continue to be a catch-up day.

Thursday, May 7th
Grace, Joey, Emmy, Ava O., Stephan
Pearl, Rachel


Thursday, May 14th
Jack, Matthew T., Milo B.
Cade, Maia


Tuesday, May 19th
Milo M., Cora, Maya, Henry

Wednesday, May 20th
Belle, Rhys, Ali, Clara,
Tilly, Elizabeth, Cooper

Thursday, May 21st
Anton, Jackson, Anna, Amind
Abbey, Hyett, Sebastian, Frankie

Friday, May 22nd
Fiona, Lucas, Lila, Jasper
Matthew M., Emma, Eli, Luke


Wednesday, May 27th
Conner, Kate, Rosie, Max
Evie, Ava T., Liam, Ciaran, Bea, Skylar

Thursday, May 28th
Ben, Rowan, Craig, Olive
Denali, Nathan, Sean, Gabriel




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Friday, January 24th
Grace, Ava O., Stephan, Emmy, Amind, Milo B.
Henry, Bea, Pearl, Rachel, Emma

Friday, February 7th
Clara, Rhys, Craig, Jack, Lucas, Olive
Skylar, Sebastian, Elizabeth, Liam, Cade

Thursday, February 13th
Ali, Matthew T., Belle, Jackson
Hyett, Denali, Ava T., Matthew M.

Friday, February 21st
Jasper, Anna, Fiona, Conner, Lila
Maia O., Frankie, Evie, Milo M., Eli, Abbey

Friday, February 28th
Rosie, Kate, Rowan, Max, Anton, Joey, Ben
Maya M., Luke, Ciaran, Sean, Cooper, Tilly, Cora

Friday, March 6th
Nathan, Gabriel


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