2nd Trimester Book Talk Info

Genre:  Mystery

2nd Trimester Book Talk Schedule

Your preparation for book talks this trimester will be the same as your other book talk.  This trimester, your book talk date cannot be moved.  Please plan ahead to make sure your project is complete in time.


Monday, March 8th

Tuesday, March 9th
Ella                  Cameron
Wyatt K.          Iris
Ciaran              Will

 Wednesday, March 10th
Nika                 Ayden
Opal                Elliot
Naya                Lennon

 Thursday, March 11th
Nuala              Liam
Audrey K.        Asher

Monday, March 15th
Maggie            Harry
Dom                Henry R.
Ian D.               Audrey L.
Roshan            Lucia

Tuesday, March 16th
Peyton             Leo
Charlie             Finn
Linnea             Henry H.
Logan*            Mili
Katie*              Ava*

 Wednesday, March 17th
Elmer              Rowan A.
Sean                Tommy
Cliff                 Wyatt M.
Connor*           Rowyn M.*

 Thursday, March 18th
Dahnya            Jake
ME*                 Hazel
Ian T.*             Harper
Addison*        Mia

*Denotes remote presentation


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